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New Book for Girls Who Kick Grass
« on: September 05, 2007, 12:32:41 AM »
Pretty Tough by Liz Tigelaar on sale now!
1 Team. 2 Sisters. 3 Millions Reasons to Hate Each Other. 4 Months to Win it All.

The two Brown sisters couldn't be more different -- 15 year old Charlie Brown (yes, a cruel parental hoax), stick straight, star surfer, decidedly unsophisticated, and Krista, 17, beautiful and best at everything. It takes a soccer championship to bring the sisters together as the lessons learned go far beyond the playing field.
Just published, this YA novel is already getting great reviews:
"Pretty Tough" was more than pretty good--it was GREAT, I loved it."

Check out this great book and our Super Sweepstakes with sweet prizes from Brine, Fairgame Magazine, Sponsorhouse and more.

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