Author Topic: Arnold Town reap post Cup Final benefits  (Read 992 times)

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Arnold Town reap post Cup Final benefits
« on: July 27, 2007, 08:48:57 PM »
Arnold Town reap benefits
By Andrew James. Friday, 27 July 2007.

A record crowd of over 24,000 was not the only successful outcome of this year’s FA Women’s Cup Final, sponsored by E.on, in Nottingham in May.

Local clubs are now beginning to reap the benefits of a three day festival of women’s football in the City.

The Girls Football Challenge held in Nottingham’s newly refurbished Old Market Square over the Cup Final weekend was a showcase for the skills of local players, and information was handed out in FA Goodie bags directing new players to their nearest club.

Now, one of those clubs has had to launch a second team because of increased demand following the May Bank Holiday Festival.

Arnold Town already have a side in the Nottinghamshire Girls and Women’s League, but now they have two, thanks to the interest generated by the Cup Final.

“Since we took part in the activities in the Old Market Square, we have managed to enter a second team into the league at our age group, “ said club official Stephanie O’Neill.

“This means there now 20 girls playing for Arnold Town at under 10 level next year. If this carries on I think I'll start to go grey!!!” she added.

It’s a situation that’s being duplicated across Nottinghamshire and proves how important to grassroots development the hosting of a major Final can be.

“The whole of Nottingham got behind the Final and the weekend of activities, but now we want to put the icing on the cake by filling those few spaces that remained at the City Ground and have the “Sold Out” signs up for next year’s Final,” enthused Andrew James, event co-ordinator for Nottingham City Council.

“The feedback from all of our partners was tremendous and whilst we understand the players desire to run out at Wembley, we would like to see a near 30,000 capacity crowd at the City Ground next year, ensuring that if and when the event does move to Wembley, it does so from a solid foundation and with a lasting legacy for the women’s game here in Nottingham,” he added.

Looks like there might be a deal being set up to hold the Final at Nottingham again, or perhaps even already in place.  They certainly did a great job last May in getting behind the event and the two teams.
Great that it's had some solid local benefits as well.