Author Topic: Asian Business Corner: Interview With AFC Chief Mohamed Bin Hammam  (Read 1068 times)

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How serious are you about building Women’s Football?

“We are definitely trying to enhance women’s football. I told the AFC Executive Committee, if we believe in women’s football then we must do everything to make it a success. If it’s just a luxury thing then we shouldn’t do it. So we are committed 100% to supporting development in the women's game in administration, coaching, players and grassroots,” Bin Hammam said.

"Women have a right to be involved in football. It is not a gift. They deserve it. Resources are still negligible, almost zero and funds are a major restriction. However we have made it possible for the AFC to finance it and to improve the standards. We’ve also set-up the criteria for all our member associations and everyone has to meet that criteria. .They have to build committees and clubs otherwise they’ll be left behind. Now Asia is leading the world in women’s youth football.” he said.

He gave as examples North Korea and China coming first and second in last year's FIFA U-20 Women’s World Championship and China's Ma Xiaoxu named player of the tournament. He said there were now more senior and junior women's competitions in the region, “even in nations that used to disallow women's football previously."

The AFC is raising its number of women executive committee members to at least four and, this year, there will be the first separate AFC awards night to further enhance women’s football.

“When women share the same environment as men at all levels, I can say that success for women’s football is achievable. And for the doubters, particularly when I launched the idea of allocating seats for women on the Executive Committee, it is being proven that when women are in the structure and with more clubs and leagues, there is better performance.

“And now, in women’s football, Asia is being discovered to be more liberal than Europe,” the President quipped.