Author Topic: Molepolole has women football club  (Read 761 times)

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Molepolole has women football club
« on: June 19, 2007, 07:34:25 PM »
MOLEPOLOLE - Juvenile delinquency and waywardness are a concern of most people in the country.
One of those concerned is One Gaarekwe, 22, of Molepolole. He has formed a female soccer club to address the problem.

He said his decision was based on the fact that women soccer was still new in Botswana. Gaarekwe also wanted to deter young women from wayward activities and to help keep them busy.

Gaarekwe learnt coaching women soccer at Kgari Sechele Senior Secondary School in 2001.

His dream is for the club to grow and compete at the highest level.

He started recruiting and mobilising membership for the club, Amantombezana F.C. in February this year.

The name imported from South Africa refers to girls. He hopes it will attract the youth to identify with it, because as Mr Gaarekwe puts it, its a buzzword among the youth.

The club architect is also a volunteer in Active Community Club (ACC) in Molepolole.

ACC, a programme originates from Australia.

It is aimed at improving the health and quality of life with decreased health care costs, to reduce crime, improve community harmony and unity, increased performance of athletics, coaches, administrators and technical officials Gaarekwe said he has been unable to register the club or acquire kits due to financial constraints.

He appealed for potential sponsors to come to the rescue of the club whose 20 members range in ages from 15-29 years.

The club coach said they have not approached local representatives and the business community for assistance as the club has not been registered yet.

Mr Gaarekwe said they have already played some friendly games, winning three against community junior secondary schools and drawing one.

The club uses Molepolole Sports Complex for practices during the week. BOPA