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Re: Alex Scott
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Alex getting the recognition she deserves, extracts from's Kathryn L. Knapp and Christa Mann pick of the 15 players who they feel should make the WPS All-Star squad.

Alex Scott, Boston Breakers: Scott gives the All-Stars an offensive option as well as a strong defender. She’s been solid in the backline for Boston while helping the club sneak up the standings. She also tallied a goal and an assist.

Alex Scott, Boston Breakers: Alex Scott has been a great surprise in the WPS.  She tracks players well and prevents service from the outside.  Scott has the speed to get involved in the attack and to get in behind the opposing defense.

full squad picks can be found here:

I weirdly the squad I picked yesterday was almost identical squad to Kathyrn's, except they both left Carney out  ::) which I didn't.  :D

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Scott going the distance for England
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Scott going the distance for England
Thursday 23 July 2009
by Paul Saffer from Swindon

Six England players are on their way back to the United States following their last friendlies before UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2009™, and after starring in Wednesday's 1-0 defeat of Denmark, Alex Scott is not complaining about the transatlantic commuting.

US contingent
Scott and Arsenal LFC colleague Kelly Smith both joined Boston Breakers in the new Women's Professional Soccer league earlier this year while Anita Asante, Eniola Aluko and Karen Carney also moved. In addition goalkeeper Karen Bardsley, previously at college in the US, made her England debut in Swindon last night after her impressive performances for Chicago's Sky Blue FC. Over the last week all played in either England's 2-0 loss to Iceland or defeat of Denmark, save for the injured Smith.

Contractual guarantee
Named player of the match against Denmark in Swindon, Scott has taken the travel in her stride, ready to fly again to UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2009™ in Finland, where England begin against Italy on 25 August. "It's been great," Scott said. "We've been managed well, so we're not walking around the hotel like zombies! The medics have made sure we've had enough rest and enough sleep, and all the players made sure it was in our contracts that we come back to play for England as it is a great honour to put the shirt on and play."

'Deserved' win
The 24-year-old defender was pleased with the win against Denmark, sealed with a late Jody Handley goal. "We are getting more confident with every game going into the EUROs," Scott said. "I'm glad we got something out of the game because we felt we definitely deserved it. It is now a case of going away, analysing the game and working out the bits we can improve."

Smith concern
A knee injury deprived England of Smith's invaluable services over the last week, but Scott is sure Hope Powell's side can thrive in the finals even if deprived of their talismanic attacker. "Everyone's going to miss Kelly Smith, she's a great player to have in the team, but like Hope said, if she doesn't recover, it is a squad game and other players are ready and biting at the bit to step up and perform," Scott said.

While England's home-based players will be able to concentrate on training if they are named in the finals squad on 4 August, Scott has a busy league programme over the next few weeks but believes facing some of the world's best is a big opportunity. "I play against some great players, so it's improving my game," Scott said. "My main aim going over there was to improve, not just to be a part of a team. I wanted to improve my game and every day in training I work on that. Hopefully it will improve me as a player for England. I have four more games, then if selected, back for the EURO. It is a tough schedule ahead."

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Re: Alex Scott
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Alex Scott is Loving Boston

By: fg

Just past half-way stage in the WPS, in the US, and England’s Alex Scott is loving her time with the Boston Breakers and winning a lot of fans, along the way. Having made the right back position her own (USA defender Heather Mitts has been forced to switch to the left side) and revelling in the attack-minded role that her coach wants her to play in the team, Scott is already being touted as the best full back in the league for her tireless performances, so far. She loves to chat as much as she loves to run and here she graciously offers some smashing and insightful answers to some of our tedious questions….

1. Have your first few months in the US and in the WPS been what you expected?
The first couple of months have been great in the WPS, I cannot believe we are already half way through the season already. Everything is still new and fresh. I have never really been to the US before, so every week we are travelling to different states where we get ‘down time’ after training to go explore and do the tourist things, which is amazing. I am getting a whole new experience with my football and I am gaining all new life experiences, which is something I am very grateful for.

2. Do you feel that your game has changed/improved over the last 3 months of training full time?
In the three months, I feel my game has improved already which was ultimately my main goal coming out here. I wanted to use and abuse the fact that I am training everyday to work on weakness in my game. Everyday in training we get 10-15minutes to work on anything we want, so you often find people go off in little groups and work things like long balls, technical skills, shooting etc. I often also go out early and practice with the goalkeepers, working on my crossing and finishing, which helps them in their sessions before the main session gets started.
But overall, I would say I am a lot more comfortable on the ball and under pressure, my passing has improved a lot, this is a league where if you give the ball away a lot your team will get punished, so you really have to take care of the ball. The games are very physical out here (if you watch the US national team play you will see just how physical), so I have learnt how to use my body well and how to be just as physical in games, like them.

3. How have you found the life of a professional footballer?
You know what? I aint going to lie...... it’s great! I do not have to worry about anything other than football, which is a dream come true. I remember in England, with Arsenal, we would be travelling back from away trips, I would be panicking on the team bus trying to do all my lesson planning to go to work the next morning and teach. I would get home from work, then go out and train, then instead of coming home and relaxing I would be marking papers ‘til crazy hours in the morning. It seemed like I was constantly on the go, but you get into such a routine you are able to cope with it all. So, to be out here now and your job is to train hard for two hours a day and that is it..... I’m like, ‘Wow!’
Sometimes, you do find yourself having too much time on your hands and can get a bit bored (not that I am complaining), so I am trying to use that time to my advantage because you really do not know how long this is going to last. At the moment, I am using the time to learn the guitar and learning to speak Spanish. When I get back to England I will most probably enrol on a few different short courses all to stack on my CV, for when the football (soccer) is over.

4. The pace of the games seems to be so fast and frenetic. How does that compare to domestic games back home?
That was a major change for me coming here. In the English league you have a lot more time on the ball, you can afford to receive the ball then pick your pass. Here, you do not have that luxury, you really need to know where your pass is going before the ball even comes to you. The domestic games back home you can get away with holding onto the ball, but just like playing for England at international level, you just cannot afford to do that, you will get closed down and whacked. Everything needs to be quick 1-2 touch passing if you want to break a team down, unless you are Kelly Smith or Marta of course, who seem to escape pressure like no other players out there.
However, I think the best thing from the English league is that a major bulk of the players in the league - even if they may not be the top national team players - still hold a lot of technical skills and game understanding. I think this comes from the love of the sport in England and having so much exposure to football to watch and learn from. Every week you get to watch the best players in the EPL, whereas here in the US, you just do not get that, people grow up watching and loving the sport in England.

5. It’s only been a couple of trips back and forward and only one England game but how was the travel and quick turnaround before being expected to train and play?
For me, coming back to play for my country was always as important as the decision to come and play in the WPS. I made sure that Boston agreed to this and I think they knew and understood what a major honour I feel playing for England. So, normally it has worked that we play on a Sunday night, then we are on a plane the first thing the next morning, arriving in England on Monday night. Hope Powell and the England staff have also been great, they have really managed and monitored us, making sure that when we are tired and feeling the jet lag not to over train us, managing all our sleeping patterns so we are not walking round the hotel like zombies but still getting us in the right frame of mind that come game time we have done all the right things to be ready to go.

6. How are you settling in – do you like life in Boston?
Boston is awesome (that is such an American thing to say, forgive me). Boston is so multicultural which makes it cool. The way Boston is structured you could forget you are in America. It is built in a very European way. There are so many Universities in Boston (Harvard and MIT to name two) which makes it a very trendy and happening place to be, mixed with a young and vibrant crowd. The streets are always busy, no matter what day of the week it is. There is always stuff going on. I think this is a main reason for me not getting too home sick because, like London, the city always seems to be buzzing, which I like.
Our apartment is also cool, me and Kelly Smith share an apartment, with Heather Mitts living above us on the 6th floor. The apartment has a gym downstairs, which allows us to do recovery sessions on days off. We also have a swimming pool and there is also a social room and a cinema room, so when the WPS games are on TV, the team can all come over, order in some food and we can watch the game on the big screen.
So, all in all settling in has not been a problem. I have to thank the Boston organization because they are the ones that made the transition so smooth for us and still to this day, are trying to help us in anyway they can.

7. Are enjoying playing for Tony DiCicco?
Before I came to Boston, just reading about what Tony had accomplished, made me very excited to be coached by him. To be coached by someone who won the Olympics [and the World Cup – fg] with the best American, national team there has been to date, with the likes of Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain - there will always be lots to learn from him. I always am looking to learn and improve my game, so for someone to see my game with different view points and give me different targets to work on is such a good thing.
Tony is a coach that loves the role of attacking full backs, so I am in my element!!!! He is encouraging me to really be a play maker from my position, to get forward and score goals - you do not need to tell me that twice! I feel like I have a lot of freedom.

8. You banged in a great strike last month and have nearly followed it up with a few more – how many goals are you aiming for this season?
I would not really say that I set myself a scoring target for this season. When I was at Arsenal I wanted to score every other game and felt like that was a realistic target but being in this league, the games are so close and it is more or likely that your striker is going to get the only goal of the game. The WPS really does have the best attacking players that women’s football has to offer, so I can 100% say that my 1v1 defending skills have improved and I am trying to stop them scoring on us before I think about myself getting goals. It was a great feeling to get my first WPS goal though and it has really made other teams aware of my shooting capabilities. It is always a good thing when you hear other teams and other coaches being worried about what you can do on the pitch because it lets you know that you must be doing something right. Another goal anytime soon would be great!!

9. Your home field is crazy with all of the markings on it, it’s dizzying to watch on TV. Does it bother you while you are playing?
Wow....... all the lines are crazy, we did get told that the lines will be painted over when the [American] football college season ended but we are still waiting. Ha. I will never forget in my 1st home game of the season against St. Louis. I got a throw in, so I sprinted over to the ball to take it, I threw it in and no one reacted to the throw and players were laughing at me. The ref threw me the ball back, I looked around to my team mate who shouted, "Alex, you are at the wrong line.” I took a throw in from a blue line which is way inside the pitch instead of the normal yellow lines that we play to. I felt so embarrassed. The girls said they are going to put it on the highlight video at the end of the season... cannot wait for that. Not!

10. Who has been your toughest opponent in the WPS, so far?
I would have to say Washington, they really play well as a team, they are really good at keeping the ball, they have pace, flair play and the physical presence in Abby Wambach up front. I think they hold a lot of all round qualities in their team and now they have just added to that by the addition of their goalkeeper Erin McLoud who is one of the best. Playing them is a game where I always come off and my word I know I have been in a battle.

11. What are your team like to hang with? Do you spend quite a lot of time together? And who is the biggest ‘nutter’?
The team are a cool bunch, we hang out a lot, the Americans are really big on the whole team cohesion thing so they really make an effort to make sure we go out to eat, we hang out after games and that we all get on and have fun. I would say we do hang out a lot, I think because most of us are in the same boat, we are all in a new city experiencing new things and we are all kind of relying on each other out here.
I would have to name Christine Latham as the biggest ‘nutter’ on our team, I really have never met anyone like this girl. She is great and one of the people I am close to on the team. She is the character that every team needs to have. Without her, training everyday would be a real boring place to be.
Everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious, I really do think that someone needs to give her a shot at being a talk show host, it would be one of the highest rankings on US TV, No doubt!

12. Are you fed up with people copying your accent?
Ha, not so much fed up with people trying to copy it but fed up with people not understanding. I really have to try and talk so S.L.O.WWWWW and try and pronounce every word right or otherwise I find myself repeating a lot of stuff. I think the worst copying of my accent I have heard to date has to go to Kristine Lilly. She really loves everything about the accent and tries so hard to copy me and get it right but it really is awful. She will ring me up and leave a phone message in some weird voice, I will ring back and be like... ‘Lil, what was you talking like?’ She will be like, ‘I was trying to talk like you Scottie.’.... LIL do NOT give up your day job!

13. Has anyone been out from home to visit you?
My mum and two friends came over for our first home game against St. Louis. My mum really liked it over here and was already planning her next visit. Faye white and her brother also came over for a week to visit Kelly and myself. Kelly’s mum and dad have been in town also, and we also have more friends coming over within the next couple of weeks. It’s great to have friends and family over, it has also meant a whole lot of walking around Boston and showing them the hot spots. I think I am now qualified to sign up to become an official tour guide of Boston.
[England Coach] Hope Powell, [England team Exercise Scientist] Dawn Scott and [England Physio] Tracy Lewis have also been over at different times to see how things are going and to check out our play before selection for the Euros this summer. It was good for them to see us and be here to experience the new environment that we are all in.

14. Who is more excited to be reunited, when you visit home – you or your dog!?
AWWWW, I love my dog, it's the best present anyone has ever bought me. I miss her loads. A couple weeks ago when we went to England camp and I got to visit my mum’s house for the weekend, before we came back to the states, (my mum is dog sitting till I get home) it was so sad. It’s like my dog knew I was leaving again soon and she really would not leave my side for the whole weekend. I think next year I would like to fly her over here with me because it’s hard being away from her. But that’s all I’m going to talk about my dog because people will think I have turned all geekie and a softie and I do not want that now! He he. But I AM so excited to be reunited you Ella!!!

15. What question do people at home ask you most about your time so far in the USA and what is your answer?
The question I tend to get a lot is ‘do you train everyday’?
The answer is yes we do. We train for around 2 hours every day. This can sometimes be followed by a weights session. The day before a game we will have a video session on our opponents and sometimes we have team bonding days, that my team never seems to win. It is the best job in the world to have but that’s really how you have to view it sometimes. We are paid to show up to work every day and to give the best we can to the organization. If you do not give the best, just like in any other job, your skills will be reviewed and you will be replaced. You really have to be professional about what you do and remember who you are representing and the duties you have to fulfil to your team and the league. I am just thankful that I am getting to live the life I did not think would happen for women's football in general. I will enjoy every moment why it lasts.

Read more about WPS and Alex’s team and the other England players in the US (Eni Aluko is in excellent form for St. Louis and Anita Asante is proving a rock at the back for Sky Blue), at

Image by Howard C Smith (

Fair Game the women’s football magazine

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Re: Alex Scott
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Alex got a red card last night  :o


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Re: Alex Scott
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I saw a video that was a bad tackle, you can't do that really. We all know she is such a nice person, it is really an out of character foul.
Saying that she gave the referee no option. I wonder how many games suspension she will get for that. Probably one.
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Re: Alex Scott
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yeah...i agree with the red.she went over the ball studs showing.bompastors ankle buckled.

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Re: Alex Scott
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Sadly yes I agree it was a red too, a total misjudgement, I hope she doesn't do that in the euros!

Caused quite a bit of controversy though, Tony Dicicco slated the refs and then had to apologise and got a next match suspension. He did agree afterwards that it was a red.
Also Kelly on her twitter said the ref had ruined the game, but surely she can see that it had to be a red?

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Re: Alex Scott
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Thats it Folks

- Alex Scott Blog
Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 05:15 PM EST

There is a TV  quiz show in England which ends the show by saying the following line "well they think its all over........ it is now" and that is the correct statement which happened to us on sunday night at Harvard staudium.

I really cannot begin to tell you how i feel when i say i cannot beleive my 1st season in the WPS is done and dusted, just like that..... its over! It came it went and know i have to wait for next season to roll around all over again!

We were so close to having our foot in the playoffs (what is that saying - you are so close but yet so far) and a 90 minute match is a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time! Being 1-0 up at half time we were in the playoffs, things were looking good, we played some great stuff, i would say some of the best stuff that we have played all season, we was creating chances, we were stopping chances, kelly smith (who else) pops up and gets us a goal, and things were looking up.

I know you are all at home or where ever it is you may be reading this Blog thinking the same thing that i am - truth be told how many chances did we have to be in the playoffs 1, 2 , 3 or maybe 4, so should it have come down to the last game against LA to secure a place HELL NO!! we shot ourselves in the foot really! but like i said, it was ok. We had a good record against LA and we were already 1-0 up! but then the 2nd half happens - yes the 2nd half may as well be called the Marta half,ha. to be honest do i think Marta had a great game, no, but Marta does not have to, just give her one chance and she will get you back in the game.... you know how the story ends from there right????

This is why Matra is world class,( and Kelly of course, LOL) these two players are both on different wave lengths to any other female player out there - yes there is other great players but these two are world class and that is a big differnce to just being great. (kelly you can pay me later,ha).
so 90 minutes up (oh how bad of me to not mention my foul that lead to a penalty in the 92nd minute - Opps) it was a penalty yes, silly of me, but some one had to stop Marta right?

final whistle BANG it all comes crashing home - WE ARE OUT, NOT EVEN MAKING A PLAYOFF SPOT! when myself and kelly signed for the Breakers we said we want to get the girls to the playoffs, then off we go to the Euro's - we failed the team this time - but sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward (this is what i am telling myself anyway) so next season its onwards and upwards for Boston!

ok so lets reflect on my 1st season

WOW....... I MADE THE ALL STAR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!

WPS AllStar 2009
For me this is MASSIVE! thank you to everyone who voted me. There had to be at least 2 of you that did (only messin),LOL.

This just topped of my season and one that i really did not see coming. When i decided to come to the leauge i know people must have been thinking Alex Scott, who is this international pick and why waste a spot on a right back? is this pressure on my shoulders, you can look at it like that but i turned it around and looked at it another way....... Boston did alot to get me on their team.... Tony and Joe ****s made alot of phone calls to make sure i was here, so for me it was all about payback, i had to show why other peoples hard work was worth it and repay them with my effort in every game. But for everyone else to reconginse this little number 22 in the Boston blue is undescribeable. This is a huge accomplishment for me and one that can not be taken away.

I am gutted i do not get to play in the game. It would have been a great day, and still will be a greeat day for all the other players taking part, but you know what this means.................... next year means i have to do double the work and be 10x better then i was this year to make sure that i make the All Star team the following year.

So how do you round up the 1st season in the WPS........... simple............ YOU CANT!

It has taken alot of hard work by alot of people to allow women to be professional soccer players once. It has taken alot of hard work by alot of people to let little girls have the dream. The same dream that i had when i was growing up - I want to be a professional footballer(soccer) player! that is now a reality for so many!

A big thank you has to go to all the fans that came out to all our games this season because lets face it, it seemed like I was not too far away from home, because it seems that everytime we played at Harvard the rain clouds appeared, but the fans still showed up and still supported the team and showed us brits alot of love and support too (THANK YOU ALL)

So what now i hear you all cry (not)... well as i speak i am back in England in my Hotel room with my roomie Kaz Carney, we have had a week long camp, we get to spend a weekend at Home (i get to see my dog,yes!!! and you too mum,haha).

Then we will fly out to Finland were we will face Italy, Russia then Sweden. Sweden are hands down favorites to win our group but you really cannot write anyone off... did'nt people do that to St Louis at the start of the WPS and yep, who is laughing now! well thats about it from me!  I have loved every month, every week and every day spent playing in the WPS and long may this leauge be a huge success.

A huge bye and Good luck to Joe who will be leaving Boston. This is a man with a big heart, and i am glad i had the pleasure to have him come into my life.

Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs, A hugh good luck to my fellow team mate AMY LEPEILBET in the ALL STAR game. I hate to tell you all so, but i told you this girl was the best - she desereves all the plundits she gets. gooooooooo AMY!!!!!! I will try Blogging during the euros so not for the last time this season.

YOUR ALL STAR BOSTON BREAKER ALEX SCOTT  - I love that title (forgive me,ha)

PS i still think Bompaster is great - even if she did get me my 1st red card!